• November 18, 2019
CEO Rafael Suero:
Hello Everyone I first wanted to welcome you to The Bounty & Airdrop of the Decentralized Mindset Institute ICO Sale. The Airdrop Bounty week of November 11-(17-18)-2019. We started off with a bang on Monday of last week the 11th We remained our focus which is to disrupt a $325 billion Dollar Industry of Online Courses and got this bounty off the ground. As you all know I am of Dominican Decent, raised in Los Angeles California, Educated in the United States, Bilingual speak both English and Spanish and now reside in my Home land of the Dominican Republic. I have been an educator in the Dominican for over 15 years and now coming to realize that the online course industry has grown at a rapid rate I believe the statistics show over 600% within the last 5 years. I got introduced to Bitcoin over 4 years ago because we have family in the United States as well as Dominican and sending or receiving funds sometime can become problematic in today’s financial system due to many new regulations. As a Dominican Citizen raised in the United States I realize that several modern countries have access to banking therefore online courses are relatively effortless. 600% Growth & $325 Billion Dollar Industry which is Enormous 3 times larger than the entire crypto currency industry all 3000 tokens on coinmarketcap. We will introduce all online courses and platforms of online courses to a Decentralized Online Course Platform and Decentralized Payment methodology called Crypto currency via the DMST token. We also realize as Crypto Currency enthusiast that over 2.5 Billion people in the world don’t have access to banking or have bank accounts as some may not even have adequate Identification. Latin America, Asia, and parts of Africa have very large populations of individuals who fit this description therefore the 600% growth could be even much larger if we help these individuals gain access to online courses. We now are on the Ethereum Blockchain as a ERC-20 Token but eventually we will have our own blockchain as we have been discussing with our CTO David Lyons which coin we will fork off in order to service the Decentralized Mindset Token and purpose and have our very own blockchain. We are serious and in this for the long haul. This is one of the announcements we will make to you within the near future of this Journey. We also have a few more ideals as to the functionality of the Decentralized Mindset Institute DMST token which will require for us to amend the White paper which is also coming in the near few weeks. We have 3 members of our executive board who have actually participated in Bounties with several companies and some where successful but many where great marketing platforms nevertheless they still do not have a functional platform working today. Our team has no interest whatsoever in just being another Crypto coin on the Market. Mr David Lyons and Myself have put great thought and research finding more and more usability for the DMST Token. I have been working on partnerships which we will announce at the proper time. This platform will be awesome when you realize all that we are introducing to you in the near future. Chehara Meeks the CMO has introduced to the bounty a brilliant Ideal which will set this bounty aside from all others. Most ICOs have coinpayments which we had in the begining which is a 3rd party to verify the transactions. Mr David Lyons has recently included a software which allows our website the ability to verify the transactions and not pay a 3rd party therefore with this capital we have now offered 5% of all sales of tokens to the Bounty Hunters which I have not seen bounty’s do this. Remember Chehara Meeks comes from a background of participating in bounty’s and I am a firm believer that you must be a product of the product. Every bounty She has participated in she also purchased that Token. She expressed to me that it is very difficult for her to market a product that she doesn’t believe in or don’t have in her possession.

So the Affiliate Link Bounty in order to qualify for the 5% sales Bonus in BTC you must have an affiliate link and have purchased at minimum $10 of DMST tokens. Imagine we will have some bounty Hunters actually walking away from this bounty with thousands of DMST tokens as well as hundred’s if not thousand’s of Dollars in BTC. This is a very powerful unique program that most of us have not fully realized its potential. There is over 96 people I counted that actually have an affiliate link but I have not seen anyone use the link. We wish to see the entire team win. Bounty Hunters help all these companies make there hard or soft caps but the individual bounty hunter has no measure of his or her impact or contribution to the process and if the company like most of these companies don’t really create a coin with value the bounty hunter is left with nothing. We are committed to making sure we have a coin with functionality and usability. When a coin has a function and the people actually use it than value is derived. This could take some time even if the coin has a functionality and usability but if done right within 6 months to a year you will see some small portions of value. The great thing about your position as a bounty participant is that we get the chance to purchase and position ourselves with tokens before any real value is accumulated!

I will have more updates for you right now I just wanted you to hear from me and personally thank you for choosing this bounty or Airdrop the Decentralized Mindset Institute. Let’s have another great week hopefully you guys start using the Affiliate Link because there is also another 5,000,000 DMST tokens which no one has yet accessed. So Good luck and let’s continue to make a difference in the world through Decentralization and bringing equal access to all people from all walks of Life!

Your Servant & CEO Rafael Suero

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