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Decentralized Mindset Institute
The worlds first decentralized platform for online courses

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Rafael Suero


Rafael Suero graduated from Cal State Long Beach California with a Psychology and a minor in Business. He has worked for over 20 years as a private tutor in the Dominican Republic for advanced gifted students from ages 11 thru 18 years of age. He has also run his own accounting firm for businesses in the tourist industry within the Dominican Republic for over 15 years. He started understanding the need for an alternative currency as the Dominican Economy has suffered from inflation and mainly the sole source of income is the Tourist Industry. The last 3 years he has  dedicated my time being interested in the Decentralized crypto currency world of Bitcoin and started trading crypto currency and participating in over 31 ICOs as a bounty hunter and was one of the first persons that I know on the island of Dominican who actually benefited from the rise in price of Ripple and Ethereum. He has also experienced several amazing bounties which tokens created amazing returns such as NEO, BOS coin Maker, Binance coin, and also managed to benefit from the Historic hard fork of Bitcoin & BCH. He has now become the CEO of the Decentralized Mindset Institute with a new vision for a totally Decentralized ICO platform in order to Disrupt a $325 billion Dollar Industry of Online Courses.


Abdul Cader

Smart Contract Developer (Contracted)

Abdul Cader has around 13 years of experience in the field of Websites & Web applications development. He has developed various web applications in PHP, MySQL, ASP, Angular JS, Smart Contract. He heads the PHP team and has been instrumental in delivering many projects of various industries like ECommerce, blockchain, Payment Solutions, Finance, Education, Social Networking, Government Agencies and Non Profit Organizations. He is exposed to interacting with clients from countries like USA, UK and South East Asian Countries. He has successfully delivered many software applications of varied complexity and domains. Abdul Cader holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

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David Lyons


David graduated from West Virginia State College (now University) with a degree in computer science.  He now works as a autoworker but has always had a passion for computers and web development.

“I’m focused on the logic behind the combination of analysis tools, neural networks and genetic algorithms for optimization. Always wanted to have a trading bot with more features but never had the time to build a solution beyond basic python technical analysis tracker.”


Shankar Masilamani

Programmer Analyst (Contracted)

Shankar was the contact liaison between DMSI and Openwave Computing LLC for the creation of our smart contracts

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Chehara Meeks


Chehara Is Currently in College for Marketing & Advertising and I have been involved within the Crypto currency Bounty ICO market for the last 4 years. She is a social media influencer. She has personally managed to participate in over 43 bounties as a bounty hunter and managed to be the top income earner on 9 Bounties. She has been performing online marketing for over 10 years and is skilled in PPC, CPV, Banner Ads, SEO, Mega Media Data Blogging, Social Media Influencer marketing. She has 23 clients on Instagram who she has personally managed to acquire millions of followers on their Instagram pages with my unique marketing strategy and they have since started marketing for several makeup Hair products & clothing companies which is there sole source of income and makes my clients a great annual income along with free sponsored products. She is trailblazing the newest strategies in online marketing. She has been on the Decentralized Mindset Team since March/2019 and now it is her time to take over the New CMO position and she is ready to take the Decentralized Mindset Institute to become the first Major Decentralized Platform for online course.


Sasi Kumar

Project Manager (Contracted)

Sasi Kumar has more than 8 years of experience in analysis, design, development and testing of web applications using PHP, JAVA, JSP, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Mongo DB. He has also developed applications in Blockchain using Smart Contract, Truffle JS and Hyper Ledger. He has good experience in developing applications using various frameworks and developing APIs/Web services. Functional domain experience includes CMS and eCommerce. Sasi Kumar completed his Master’s degree in Computer Science.

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Le Queshia Bell

Research and Development

Experienced algorithmic crypto trader and a machine learning evangelist.

Le Queshia Bell Graduated from Wayne State University with a Masters in Computer Science. Le Queshia has over 3 years of research in the decentralized Autonomous Organization industry and has become one of the leading researchers on the Decentralized Mindset Institute. Le Queshia Bell has a strong commitment towards decentralized voting consensus algorithm systems and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Le Queshia Bell is head researcher for the Research & Development department for the Decentralized Mindset Institute in its pursuit to create major disruptions within this industry as well as the future projects that she is a part of regarding DOA/s & Decentralized Voting consensus Algorithm systems.


Ellis Vernon

Operations Coordinator

Ellis graduated from Los Angeles South West College in Computer Science and also attended Cal State Northridge with a BA in Computer Science. He Attended Maxine Waters Trade School and have become Certified in Cable &Fiber Optics Technician. He was a supervisor for AT&T Fiber optics & Cable Division of Southern California for 15 years. He has also been one of the Top income earners in several Network Marketing companies for the last 40 years, Companies like Herbal Life, Financial Destination, Smart Media Technology, Pre-Paid Legal, 5 links ETC. He has developed the Nick Name Strategic Man for my ability to build massive teams Manage Massive Teams and Identify with a company’s sustainability or unsustainability. He started Studying Crypto Currency 4 years now and have been traveling down the rabbit whole since 2015. He started his Journey in economics and My mentors are Mike Maloney, Jim Rickards, Peter Shift, and G Edwin Griffin. He has become a team member of the Decentralized Mindset Institute and very passionate regarding Decentralization.

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Kazi Sajib

Bounty Manager

Kazi Sajib is very experienced bounty manager, he has 5-year experience to working on the blockchain technology ,  ico and crypto market, previously he has done many important big successfully ico as a Bounty manager, Kazi Sajib is doing his job very honestly & he is very active on his work