• November 30, 2019

Letter from CEO Rafael Suero, Update to the Team
Good Morning, Good Afternoon, & Good Evening. We are now within the 3 rd week of the
Bounty, Airdrop & ICO sale. We are very excited to see the quality of Bounty Hunters and
Investors who are understanding the ultimate vision of The Decentralized Mindset Institute. We
will be the first Decentralized Platform for Online courses creating a massive disruption within
the educational industry. AS you may know from our white papers that the online course
industry has grown an amazing 600% within the last 5 years. The major problem within the
world today is moving capital. The regulations of money globally have started to negatively
effect global business. When someone has a business, it is imperative that transactions move
expediently without much resistance. We have the solution to Decentralize the Payment
process which can make small businesses and online course providers whether these are major
course providers or local independent course providers. Some may say “well visa and
Mastercard transactions pay pal all work just fine”. A few years ago, Visa Servers in Europe was
hacked, and this is just one of the problems with a Centralized Servers. Now in this event of
hacking everyone’s information is in question and is subject to being compromised which could
be a disaster!

After the Edward Snowden Story and revelations of Governments intrusion of our internet
activities more and more people have become very sensitive regarding their information being
exposed. The Decentralized Mindset Institute will use Blockchain technology to give more
people privacy as to whatever course and knowledge they decide to obtain and whomever you
personally wish to give your credentials you will have access to retrieving your data and that
data will not be publicly available for anyone to intrude. Remember there are companies that
sell this personal information of yours and you don’t get a dime from your own information,
therefore if you control your own data that you control how & when that data can be

Now earlier I mentioned that the online Industry has grown 600% within 5 years and it is also a
$325 billion dollar industry. Now what’s interesting is over 2 Billion people in the world do not
have banking for whatever reason therefore they are excluded from access to online classes but
they really don’t necessarily have to be excluded as over 87% of the worlds population have a
cell phone. I have been to areas in Latin countries where there is not even running water
nevertheless, they have cell phones. Decentralizing the Online course Industry will also allow

more people have access to online education which could make more people become inclusive
within the global economy. This will have a good positive effect on global economics!

The Bounty, Airdrop & ICO is going strong I read the Analytics everyday and we are slowly
reaching what is called Viralocity and soon this will go viral which will bring more value to the
platform. Value is simply created by the people and products that have usability & functionality.
We have a great concept and we have added several other functions therefore we will soon
update an addendum to the white paper in order to included the new functionalities that will
increase our usability and adding even more functions to the platform which will add more
value to the overall coin! Stay tuned as we will place the addendum with the new functions of
the Decentralized Mindset institution in our telegram.

Many of us are still not maximizing the Affiliate Link Bounty which pays Bounty Hunters weekly
commission in BTC 5% on all sales using your link. Over 100 people in the company has created
an affiliate link and this feature is available for all bounty hunters. All you must do is sign up for
the home page of the website and you have a link! Now since you are sharing post anyway on
Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin all you must do is own over $10 worth of DMST tokens and you
are now qualified to make hundreds if not thousands of dollars in BTC. This just makes sense.
People are more intrigued to purchase a product from someone who actually owns that same
product. Our team will put out a video as to how this actually works.

We will continue to update you as new information comes to the executive team!
Yours Truly Rafael Suero CEO ( The Decentralized Mindset Institute)

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