• September 9, 2019

Hello team This is Erick Von with an update as to the Status of this major bounty which will be like no other bounty before as we have decentralized the entire process of bounties which will revolutionize the ICO Bounty industry and Help more Bounty Hunters make more money and help more Creative mind people with ideal get a chance to get their projects funded which is what the world needs in order to create mass adoption. We have created a platform for our ICO like never before. We have managed to hire a Great Bounty Manager and we have some surprises for you guys which will be announced later. We project September 1st to be the Launch date. We have been testing the platform and creating new marketing ideals as we have created a different more effective way to launch an ICO and Bounty which puts more power in the hands of the people and not a certain platform. (ANNOUNCEMENT) All those who have posted adds on our previous Bounty submit those post to the website when its released as the website that is being built is not live yet. Submit all your prior post and participate in this bounty and we will give all 250 Bonus DMST Tokens as a reward for your loyalty. Stay tuned for more updates Your Servant & CMO (Erick Von)

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