• September 21, 2019

Hello to all the DMSI Team

This is an update to the status of the project. We have decided to Launch on the 24th of September. We have been through a journey in order to keep our promise to the participants of our bounty. As you all know this is our second attempt to bring this platform to life. We Have been very diligent in our pursuit to Decentralize the Online Course Industry and disrupt a $325 billion dollar industry which came at a large cost of funds and our reputations. We not only expanded the Ideal but we also expanded our vision and capabilities of our Bounty. We are now totally independent of any single platform. DMSI has built its website with the intentions of changing the entire dynamics of how ICOs will be conducted from this day forward. We believe we have Decentralized the process of ICOs which for years have all been controlled by a centralized force and platform called Bitcoin talk. We are not just named the Decentralized Mindset Institute but we are also Decentralized in our understanding of Satoshi’s vision of this industry which puts the power in an individuals hands and not a centralized source. Bitcoin talk has controlled 99% of all the ICOs which are launched. This is centralization at its finest. The DMSI has created a ICO bounty that gives the power back to the people and the bounty hunters to choice based upon their knowledge of the Crypto currency industry and not based upon bloggers who have no knowledge of crypto currency but are merely opinion’s . These individuals hide behind usernames nevertheless require the profiles and qualifications of all in a specific ICO. We know not who these individuals are nor their qualifications to analyze businesses within the Decentralized Crypto Currency industry. We know not what their intentions are as I would presume some are the agents of those whom we fight against within a centralized system of global power & economics. Primarily they operate from a Centralized platform judging and attempting to analyze a Decentralized industry which I think is interesting in itself. If Bitcoin talk controls 99% of launches of ICOs and a good 75% of ICOs end up scamming the people I would say they have done a terrible job of so-called protecting the public. Investments are risky there is no doubt about it and in reality there is no way to protect anyone as business is a gamble, nevertheless it is based upon a choice an individual choice sometimes we get it right but sometimes we get it wrong based upon our intuition or knowledge of our industry. Satoshi Nakamoto created a vision and a peer to peer industry which takes power from any centralized platform from controlling the people’s money, ideals or choices. The Decentralized Mindset Institute will not only disrupt a $325 Billion dollar Industry but we will also provide the first courses on this platform before opening up the software for any one from any subject to build courses on our Decentralized platform. Our courses will educate the people as to the Difference from a Decentralized Concept and Vision Vs a Centralized world called the Matrix. We will have Classes on Money Vs Currency, The History of Central Banks, The History of Money, Crypto Currency, Blockchain Technology, The Internet of Things, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations ETC. The knowledge provided is to awaken the people and not scam them. Remember the persons educating the people cannot be the bad guys because they are raising the consciousness  and the people with bad intentions desires to keep the people in the darkness in order to deceive them. We have decided to Launch on the 24th of September. There has been much work over the last 6 months and the show must and will go on regardless of any single platform. We have upgraded our servers and the migration merely took 24 hours nevertheless we had many broken links during this process which took us a week to reconnect and text making sure we bring you not just a ICO bounty but We also bring you a platform that cannot be stopped our altered in any shape or form. The website has a register that is also a platform that has all the capabilities that bitcoin talk has with a full forum for us to post our links as well as manage our entire bounty from our website. All must register first with our website in order to have a affiliate link. We also have a qualified bounty manager with expert experience who has also created spreed sheets for each bounty platform.The greatest thing which has happened in the business world in my opinion is the ICO industry. The main concept of an ICO is when an individual creates an Ideal present the ideal to the people and let the people decide whether they wish to invest or whether this ideal is even possible to succeed. Most people around the world have not the resources to create an IPO Initial Public Offer, but anyone from any walk of life can develop an ideal. In my opinion every human being is capable of at least 1 million dollar ideal within their lifetime. These ideals will make the world a better place nevertheless in a global centralized system of finance most people around the globe may not have good credit, may not have access to the right circle of investors, may not have the right education, may not be from wealthy families, nor may not even have proper birth certificates, nevertheless they still deserve an equal opportunity to have access to have their dreams funded and/or realized without racism, without discrimination, without classism, without religion, without geographic locations, or without sexism negatively affecting their success. Present the ideal and let the people decide to fund the ideal which in my opinion is the definition of a true democratic economic system. Join this historic journey with the Decentralized Mindset Institute as we fight for the people and the true Ideal of Decentralization which is why they saw this platform as such a threat to centralized concepts. I am sure we are not the first to realize the centralization within the crypto currency ICO bounty industry but I guarantee you that we are the 1st to create a vision and solution around the problem!


Come out of the Matrix of ICOs & Bounties Join the Bounty of the Decentralized Mindset Institute, Be on the right side of history. Lets Make History together.

ON September 24th 2019

Chief Marketing Executive

Erick Von

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